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Furnace Buying Tips

Choosing a furnace for your home is not difficult. The following list are features that you may want to look for when buying your furnace.

How To Maintain An Oil Burning Furnace

Oil burning furnaces need periodic tuneups. This article tells you how to do that.

Locating Your Furnace Filter

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to heating and cooling elements within a home is, "Where is my furnace filter located?" When you move into a brand new home and need to change out the filter, or if you have lived in your home for a couple of years and feel like it might be time, you may have difficulty finding the filter.

Natural Gas for Heat - Advantages Over Propane

When making the choice of how to heat the home, house of worship, or office, the options can be overwhelming. Many people are finding that more than ever, it makes perfect sense to switch from their old, ugly propane tanks to clean burning natural gas to fulfill their heating needs. This article details the advantages of it over propane when heating.

Air Conditioner Thermostats

A thermostat is an apparatus for maintaining the temperature of a system within a particular range by directly or indirectly controlling the flow of heat energy into or out of the system. All air conditioners have thermostats that can be manually operated or automatically preprogrammed to work at regulating the room temperature. There are many ways in which you can use an air conditioner thermostat effectively.