Central Air Conditioners

Posted on 02 January 2009

A central air conditioner is a system that uses ducts to distribute cooled and dehumidified air to several rooms in an office or home. Different types of central air conditioners are available that can be rented to keep the entire building cool in summer and warm in winter. The type of air conditioner that is best suited depends on your budget and air conditioning requirements. When renting a central air conditioner, you need to first decide which parts of the home or office need to be air conditioned. You need to consider whether air conditioning is required for several rooms or the whole building.

Amongst all the central air conditioner models, the typical split system air conditioner is very popular. This type of unit consists of various components that are interconnected. The air conditioner unit fits on an outside wall which keeps the noise out of the house while the output device is placed on an inside wall or on the ceiling. It can be used to cool or heat more than one room. These units have high rents of about £200/week depending on the size and number of splits installed in one's home or office.

The ducted system air conditioners are also used to cool entire homes. One could have a large unit mounted on an outside wall, in the ceiling cavity or in some cases under the floor. The cool air which flows is piped down the ducts and through vents in the floor or ceiling. This type of system is used when all the rooms need to be climate controlled at the same time. The cost for a ducted system depends on how big a unit one requires and how many rooms will need ducts.

It is important for one to keep in mind the duration when renting a central air conditioner. These units are quite expensive and have high maintenance costs. They are however, utilized on a larger scale than other air conditioners.

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