Selecting the Best Heat Pump For Your Home

Posted on 12 February 2009

One of the most important decisions you will have to make if your home uses a heat pump, is what to do when a replacement is needed.

We recently went through this process and after some extensive research and a lot of questions we found what we believe to be the best heat pump available today.

When it comes to modern heat pumps, Trane is the top of the line. They are complete systems and are made with the latest technological advance and design.

Today's Trane heat pumps are different from heat pumps of just a generation ago. Previously, people who had heat pumps often complained they pumped out cold air in winter. Nowadays, they heat so well, even in the coldest climates, much like a gas furnace, that most people won't even realize they don't have a gas furnace. Businesses and homes around the world use Trane heat pumps. Thousands of Trane heat pumps have been installed in North America alone.

The Trane heat pumps come in three groups: The ultra efficiency units, the XL19i, and the XL16i, which are the highest rated. XL15i and Xl141, are in the middle and are super efficiency units. XR14, XR13 are standard efficiency models. Even the XR13 and XR14, which are the lowest end models, amazingly well.

The typical Trane heat pump has a digital thermostat, which is entirely programmable, which controls the whole system. They also have an air handler, to circulate air, and an air cleaner that filters dust in the air. Different models have different options.

A trained professional should help you install a Trane heat pump.

Trane heat pumps, which are known for their reliability and quality, are installed and homes and businesses everywhere, in many different climates. They can run properly for many years, without needing maintenance.

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