All Nighter Wood Stoves

One of the most common problems with a wood stove used for heating a home is that it has to have a “babysitter” who tends to it throughout the night, or else risks waking up to a freezing house. This is answered by the All Nighter wood stoves which utilize their own patented air flow system to keep flames at a managed level over a long period of time. The Triple Air System Door controls the entire burn process by simple allowing the right amounts of air into and out of the burn chamber. The exclusive “air baffle” helps to create the flow and also allows for a three part burn that completely eliminates gases or fuel. In addition to managing the fire the All Nighter wood stoves also use their special distribution system that blows heated air out of the top of the stove at a measured rate of nearly 10,000 BTUs. This all means the owner can enjoy a good night’s rest and wake up to a comfortable home.